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Adriana Díaz Caamaño

From landscaper to emotion designer in the nature

  • Bachelor´s degree: landscape architecture

  • Master´s degree: Urban planning (in the field of economy, politics and environment)

  • Doctor´s degree: Sustainable architecure (specialized in mental health gardens)

A little about me

Three decades of professional practice have represented the opportunity to work different landscape architecture specialties from diverse perspectives. Construction, supervision and design which the following stages stand out: 

A bit of my work

Imperial vivarium

Architectural and construction firms

Other Projects

University City and their external locations have represented an unsurpassable opportunity to start my landscape activities, particularly during the construction period financed by the UNAM-BID program: yards, parking lots, plazas, ramps, gardens and vegetation in rockeries resulted in a delight for creativity and inventiveness.

Working as a designer for one of the biggest and most important vivarium in Mexico have represented a distinction for being able to collaborate in both residential and urban projects in different Mexico parts.

Diverse architectural and construction firms such as IDOM, V&FO, CYPID, even ICA have been some of the companies in which I have participated with various kinds of projects, but always with the commitment to harmonize with nature, bringing comfort and joy to people while satisficing the economic interests of investors. 

My work has touched almost every area and scale in the landscape production: from flat´s balconies to arborization in glens, vegetal selection for avenues, sideways and ridges; offices, hospitals and hotels gardens, malls, industrial parks or tables for orchards, in addition to contribute to fulfill Leed &/or Well certifications. 


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